How To Create An App With CreateMyFreeApp


How  To Create An App With CreateMyFreeAppHow to create an app? I never would have thought it possible for me to do. For someone who used to get confused about how to turn on a simple desk top computer, I feel I have come a long way. But I never imagined spending my day in front of a screen actually doing anything useful. However, technology has become so user friendly, even technophobes like myself feel withdrawal symptoms if we spend too much time away from anything with a keyboard or key pad and a screen.

The work from anywhere trend is on the rise and with that there is a need to do everything yourself. This has some pros and cons. The biggest pro being you can work from the comfort of your own bed on a cold, dark, winter day, and the biggest con being you don’t know how the hell to (fill in the blank with any technical nightmare).

This is why we need to appreciate the techno geeks who come up with things to make our lives easier. Like how to make your own app. For anyone who runs a small business and doesn’t have a whole lot of time to learn all the techno geek stuff, but still wants what they want, when they want it (yes we are all a bunch of divas that way), is a life saver. They can help you create your own app for your business.  A couple of easy steps and you have an app that lets you keep in touch with all your customers whether you are sunbathing on a tropical beach while sipping fancy liquids from a coconut shell or you are scraping your toddler’s lunch off the floor again.

So how do you create an app? Allow me to enlighten you with the few easy steps on how to create an app.

  • Sign up to create your account on createmyfreeapp. It is easy and free. (Who doesn’t love free?)
  • Select a package. (Take advantage of the discounts they have right now-who doesn’t love discounts?)
  • Get started by choosing what type of app you want;
  • Business
  • Entertainment
  • Event
  • Restaurant
  • E-Commerce
  • Name your app. You can choose your font color, header, footer, background and splash screen from the gallery or up load your own. Save your work. You can change any of this whenever you want to, even after you save your settings.
  • After pressing next you can set up your different pages on your app;

About Page: Fill it up with your story.

Contact Us: Your address, phone and email.

Message Us: Your customer can send you a message with this form.

Social links: You link your FB, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts for your customers to follow.

Services/Products: What are you selling?

Google Map: it works even when offline.

  • Save your changes and push the Publish app button.
  • You will get an email with your code. You don’t have to download your app to your computer and then upload it to the stores, createmyfreeapp does it for you. You just go to the App store (Apple, Kindle and Play Stores) and install your app.
  • Now let your customers know you have just made their lives easier by creating an app for your business which they can utilize right from their phones or tablets when they install your app. You can also send them updates simply by going to your account and editing your app then saving. Createmyfreeapp will do all the work for you, your customers get updates without you having to spend time with all the technical stuff. (We all hate that!)
  • Go back to sipping your fancy drink at the beach. Or scraping Tommy’s lunch off the floor.


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